Anish Kapoor Unveils a Body of New Work in London

From Coolhunting by Leonora Oppenheim:

To coincide with London’s Frieze Art Week, Lisson Gallery has opened a major exhibition new of work by one of the UK’s greatest living artists, Anish Kapoor. Just when it seemed that Kapoor had reached the limits of the art world’s highest echelons, perhaps quite literally with the Olympic Arcelor Mittal Orbit, he comes right back down to earth again with a new show, called “In The Shadow of the Tree and the Knot of The Earth.” In a recent tour of the work, Lisson Gallery director Nicholas Logsdail commented on the exhibition, saying, “Anish captures each phase of his work so fully, prompting us to ask ‘Can he go any further?’ But, always, with very perfect timing, he moves on. This is an entire body of new work, which is a remarkable achievement.”

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Skater Chad Muska Opens Art Space in LA

(from Coolhunting)

Chad Muska Opens Art Space

“Merging his love for skateboarding, music, art and mayhem, Chad Muska has opened a conceptual art and studio space next to his store, Factory 413 on Fairfax. Flat425 reveals Muska’s prolific output as part of “Deconstructionism,” a constantly evolving installation comprising mixed-media vignettes with chaotic twists of oil paint, cement, found materials, shredded bills, neon vinyl, projections, and even a teepee. Challenging viewers to “decode the message,” Muska has created highly textured pieces from more than five years of sourcing materials and exploring the notions of destruction and creation.” – by Julie Wolfson

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Blank Code Podcast 059 – Kero

Detroit techno label Blank Code comes at us with another podcast, this time from Detroit Underground (DETUND) label boss Kero. This podcast was recorded live at the Interface 36/Scene 04 afterparty during the 2012 Movement Festival in Detroit, MI.

Blank Code Podcast 59 Kero

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From Blank Code:

This week we have a special mix to give you by our close friend and Detroit Underground producer and label boss Kero. This set was recorded live at Interface 36 l Scene 04 an official after party for Movement Festival in Detroit on May 27th, 2012. Kero flexes his diverse taste and programming abilities to flawlessly weave between techno, electro, idm, acid, and dubstep.

Blank Code Podcast 058 – Ray Nicholes

Guess who’s Bizack…

Detroit techno label Blank Code delivers their latest podcast.

Blank Code Podcast 058

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From Blank Code:

It’s Monday June 11th, 2012 and today we bring you a podcast from an old friend and a proper techno artist, Ray Nicholes. Ray started out playing the drums in his early years and coupled with his interest in rock, industrial, and hip-hop he realized quickly that he had an unique edge to his creativity. While living in west Michigan he continued to build the foundation of his sound as he bounced between the underground techno scenes of Chicago, Detroit, and Toronto in the early ’90s.

Throughout the rapidly evolving techno scene Ray has kept his focus on producing tracks. His EPs Black Kamanche, Confessions, Tentación, and Caja de Ultima Hora “the remixes” are all released on Black Nation Records. Heavily influenced over the past 14 years by some of techno’s icons, Ray has been able to fine tune and master his own style that he coins “machine gun techno” that is dark, deep, heavy on drums and percussion, somewhat moody and tribal.

Since moving to Miami in 2009, Ray has performed at a number of clubs and private events including multiple gigs during WMC. He headlined parties at Space Techno Loft, Grand Central, Treehouse, and Overkill Warehouse Party Art Basel (Miami Beach); and also performed for Detek at The Works during the 2011 Movement Festival in Detroit.

El-P – The Full Retard – Preview

After a year dedicated to fly beats and synth heavy instrumentals on the “weareallgoingtoburninhellmeggamixxx” series, El-P returns to rap with his distinctly dystopian take on humanity’s future. “The Full Retard” is our first glimpse of things to come on the new full length “Cancer for Cure”, due out on May 22nd of this year. His last full length album, “I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead”, was a meticulously crafted masterpiece of densely clumped beats and triple entendre raps that made it a stand out in my mind, a truly unique and original piece of work bearing a style all it’s own. In a musical world that rarely excites me these days (jaded, perhaps) I’m truly looking forward to hearing this album in it’s entirety.

For now, the preview – “The Full Retard”:

SelfSays – Something New – Video

SelfSaysIt’s always extremely exciting and fulfilling to discover a new artist who is both talented and well versed (pun intended) and at the same time refreshing to listen to. Detroit hip hop exists as a veritable alchemical cauldron of lyricism, producing juggernauts like Elzhi and Eminem along with scores of other talented artists many of whose names you may never know. The city’s music scene is fiercely competitive and the miserable local economy shows little love to all but a few artists. But every once in a while someone comes along with a style so unique, so ear catching, with that balance of traditional skill and innovative approach, that you can’t help noticing. SelfSays is such an artist. His lyrical reach is stellar, laying claim to the terrestrial and the astral, leaving no sacred cow unturned. His mouthy wordplay often leaves you scratching your head and wondering how he got all those words into one sentence without sounding contrived or pretentious. Indeed it’s the natural swagger and casual delivery of all this wordiness that lends Self such a likeable and down to earth presence. You feel like he could be telling jokes in your living room or perhaps pontificating on the finer points of Detroit bath robe lounge culture with his sometimes collaborator Doc Waffles. Self is a man of the people and the people should stand up and take notice, for another diamond in the rough is brought to you courtesy of the fine city of Detroit and it’s beautiful music scene. – db

From URB:

The newest video from MC SelfSays (Directed by Matt Barth) features famed New York producer Blockhead on the beat. The feisty Detroit rapper has a few new projects in the works at the moment — saying you can expect a new flexi-disc single out on Insect Records just in time for SXSW.

Charles Vann, an ordinary man, is poised to be one of the most refreshing new voices in hip-hop. As SelfSays he makes music that balances quirky, off-kilter rhyme styles with more serious, straight-aced lyricism. Continue reading

Ro Spit – Im So All Alone – Video

Check the latest video from Ro Spit’s 2011 release “The Glass Ceiling Project”. This time video production duties are handled by TaylorMade. The track is produced by Apollo Brown. If you don’t have this release from Ro you’re missing out on his most sophisticated effort to date (imho). Get it HERE.

“A Portrait of Growth and Success”

In any profession there can be a perceived impenatrable glass ceiling, but Ro Spit is poised to break just that. Continue reading

Beauty Is Embarrassing Trailer

We’re back after post holiday hiatus! Here’s the trailer for an upcoming documentary about artist Wayne White that looks very promising.

From the Beauty is Embarrassing website:

Wayne White is an American artist, art director, illustrator, puppeteer and much, much more. Born and raised in Chattanooga, Wayne has used his memories of the south to create inspired works for film, television and the fine art world. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University Wayne traveled to New York City where he worked as an illustrator for The East Village Eye, New York Times, Raw Magazine and the Village Voice. In 1986 Wayne became a designer for the hit television show Pee Wee’s Playhouse and his work was awarded with three Emmy’s. After traveling to Los Angeles with his wife, Mimi Pond, Wayne continued to work in television and designed sets and characters for shows such as Shining Time Station, Beakman’s World, Riders In The Sky and Bill & Willis. He also worked in the music video industry winning Billboard and MTV Music Video Awards as an art director for seminal music videos including The Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Tonight, Tonight’ and Peter Gabriel’s ‘Big Time’. Continue reading

Blank Code Podcast 035 Memnok live at Scene 02, Detroit, MI

The good folks at Blank Code come at us with their first podcast of 2012 featuring deep, dark techno from Memnok’s performance at the Scene.02 event in Detroit, MI. I’m sure Blank Code will be providing plenty of dark, ominous music for our final year on the planet (I keed, I keed!).

Download Here.

From Blank Code:
2012 has arrived and we couldn’t think of a better way to start it off than by sharing the recordings from Blank Code event Scene.02, in Detroit November.26.2011. Continue reading

Obscura Digital Projection Maps Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Another amazing feat using Touch Designer software, this time coming to us from the folks at Obscura Digital. They were tapped to projection map the Sheikh, Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi for the 40th Anniversary of the United Arab Emirates National Day Celebration. The massive undertaking required mapping a surface totaling 19,474 square meters, including many hand carved decorative surfaces and elements. The following video showcases some visual highlights from the event.




Source: Derivative

From Derivative: Earlier this month Obscura Digital used TouchDesigner to once again raise the bar of large scale architectural mapping and projection design Continue reading